Located on the Metz Technopôle, near Lake Symphonie, the Supélec Residence rents out student housing.

In a few words

Each room is equipped with a bathroom with W.C. and all the furniture you may need :

Sheets, covers, pillows and under-sheets are available on demand. You can also connect yourself to the network.

You will also find shared kitchens in some buildings of the Residence equipped with hobs, sinks, fridges, tables, chairs and racks.

Studio flats are equipped with small kitchens (a hob, a sink and a fridge). Normal apartments have from 3 to 5 bedrooms, a living room, a shared bathroom and a kitchen.

In the buildings A, B and C, there are great shared kitchens that you can access whenever you want. Thus, personal electric hobs are forbidden in the rooms of these buildings. Nevertheless, microwaves and fridges are allowed.

There is a place for cookout or barbecues. Rooms can be used for various activities (see with the students' associations).



Presence from 1 night to 2 months : PASSAGER

Presence of more than 2 months : LOCATAIRE


Rent subsidy

A contract has between three parties (French State, owner of ALOES and manager of ALOES), ALOES accomodations allow you to receive a rent subsidy called APL (Aide Personnalisée au Logement) by the C.A.F. (Caisse d'Allocations Familiales), if the following conditions are fulfilled:

ALOES will help the tenants fill their CAF file, and will receive the APL directly. So, tenants only have to pay the residual amount of the rent.

Generally, APL are not received on the first month, unless the tenant was already receiving APL elsewhere.

For more informations, visit the website of the CAF de Moselle.


Security deposit

It is an amount of money payed to the residence to protect itself against material damaged caused by the tenant noticed during the damage inventory. If nothing wrong is noticed in the inventory, the former tenant will be paid back that amount of money within 2 months after he left.


L'engagement de caution solidaire

It (La caution solidaire) is a document thanks to which a person guarantees that he will pay in the in case the tenant does not. This document is compulsory.


L'avis d'échéance

Every month, the ALOES staff provides a document (L'avis d'échéance) that will tell you that you will be directly debited your rent within the 1st and the 5th day of the month.

The staff does not provide any rent receipt. However, the tenant could be given one if he asks for it.


Rental contract

On the then you move you will have done the preliminary room inventory with a member of ALOES' staff, you will sign the contract. Then, you will be given the keys of your room.

The preliminary room inventory is signed by both the tenant and the lessor. It describes the state of your room before you first come in. If after this inventory the tenant notices hidden damage in his or her room, he/she will have the possibility to inform a member of the staff within 20 days.

When the tenant is about to move out, there will be a post room inventory that establishes whether or not the room has been damaged during the time he lived in.



The Residence's insurance company is TOKIO MARINE. Since the rooms are provided with furniture, the tenant is then insured against damaged on the walls, floor or furniture that he is not responsible for.

It is COMPULSORY for the tenant to have a public-liability insurance and a fire insurance.

If the documents required are not provided, the staff of ALOES has the right to shorten the contract.